How to plant turf and make a perfect lawn?

How many of you have dreamed of having a beautiful lawn and a haven of greenery in your garden? In addition to its aesthetic and natural appearance, this one affects many things that you can not even suspect.
It is not a coincidence that turf plays an important role in rainwater harvesting: it is filtered by the grassy patch, absorbed by the soil and channeled into the groundwater.

How to sow well and have a perfect lawn?

We will discuss all the details to know how to sow the lawn on his land and get a perfect result without unpleasant surprises. All the information to plant the lawn in your garden without special equipment and become a turf expert!
To make a lawn you do not need a gardener, on the contrary, it is also possible to sow the lawn by hand, without special equipment. If you follow our advice in a few weeks, you will get a magnificent herbage that will make you feel in an oasis of vegetation.

Soil preparation: How to do it?

To plant grass, the first thing you need to do is prepare the ground and carefully clean the area you are sowing.

Construction waste, stones, weeds to the root and dead stumps must be removed. Once the area has been cleaned, return the soil with a shovel to a depth of at least twenty centimeters.
In poorly drained soil, add sand, or add organic matter. In some cases, it will be necessary to create a drainage system to prevent the grass from rotting.
Eliminate soil irregularities by leveling the surface and adding soil if necessary.
Make sure that the clumps are finely ground: the soil should be light and friable, like potting soil.
Then compact the soil with small patches with a shovel or with the back of the rake avoiding to compress too much soil. Repeat the operation 2 or 3 times in the week. Let the uncultivated area rest for a few weeks, removing new weeds. Finally, extend a granular fertilizer rich in phosphorus in a proportion of about 150/200 g per square meter of land.

When to sow sod: best time, sowing and moon?

🔺 Very important: Before sowing, make sure there is not too much wind or excessive moisture.

Periods during which you can plant:

  • You can sow the lawn in the fall.
  • You can sow the lawn in the spring.
  • You can sow the lawn in summer.
The best time is the beginning of autumn, the soil is still warm and the rain keeps it moist. You can plant even in the spring, but the grass will have to fight against weeds and late frosts, so you will need to pay special attention to the lawn in the early stages of growth. In case you decide to sow in summer, it will often water, otherwise the seeds will not germinate.
A little gardener tip, the moon is a more important factor for plant growth, we advise you to sow in the period from the fifth to the second day before the full moon.

Sowing your lawn by hand or by seeder

➤ It is important to specify that it is quite possible to sow the grass by hand!

How to sow seeds by hand?

To sow the lawn by hand, simply spread the seeds in a grid of stakes and threads and distribute half the amount of seeds needed in one direction and the other half at right angles to the first. When sowing seeds, try to be as homogeneous as possible. In this case, you will have to make some adjustments by adding seeds later. On average, it takes 50 g of seeds per square meter of soil. Penetrate the seeds with a tool and then use a roller to smooth the soil.

How to sow seeds at the seeder?

Fill the machine with half the amount of seed needed for the whole lawn and pass it in the longitudinal direction. Repeat the operation with the other half in the transverse direction. A seeder can also be bought for a few tens of euros and can then be used as a fertilizer spreader for the garden or for the garden itself.
After sowing, gently pass the rake to penetrate the seeds into the soil, pass the roller and make sure the soil stays moist, watering as soon as the moisture is reduced.

How long for grass growth?

After about three weeks, the lawn will grow and grow! Warning ! Even if you have planted a sod, do not walk on the area for at least two months! In the beginning, you should avoid using the lawn to allow the roots to strengthen.
Hunt birds with appropriate devices to avoid unpleasant surprises. During the watering phase, do not drag the garden hose to the ground, this could disrupt germination.

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